SAY SOMETHING (Free Speech Part 3 of 3)

(originally recorded in May 2016 | Part 1 | Part 2)

Aaaaand we’re back. 

Part 3 took us almost a whole year to put out because Mx was impossible to deal with. Or I was. Or maybe we just took some time to lick our wounds and refocus because our big network podcast deal fell through.

Either way, we figured out our shit and we’ve already got a new episode in the queue featuring comedian and Comedy Church workshop founder Erinn White. Yes, you can expect more people to join our panel in this new… “season" of Stand Up v. Teach.

We mention Erinn, wrap up our discussion on free speech - for now - and Mx. tries  to convince me that a comic can teach their audience to be good little boys and girls. Mx bashes on Chris Hardwick a bit even though I’m sure Mx is happy with one of Hardwick’s more recent episodes of @midnight where he and some other comics fully roast an actual OCT licensed teacher.

Mx pushes for a governing body for comics while I explain this would be an exercise in hearing cats. Honestly, listening back to this now, I get what they were saying. We comics could create something that doesn’t suck - or at least we could work together to turn down the suck.

Comic, teacher, civilian - whatever you are let me know what you think as your listening to the episode. Live tweet us @standupvteach and @mattmaccallum


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