Podcasting Basics


You don't have to use my podcast production...

to make a basic podcast yourself you need:

  • an idea
    • trust your gut!
  • mics, mic stands, a recorder, computer, mixing software 
  • online hosting space
    • podbean is low cost, squarespace now has the option
  • a quiet space to record
    • background noise is a bitch
  • time to set up & tear down
    • maybe you're lucky enough to have designated space and you can leave it up!
  • time to record the content
    • booking & coordinating with guests means juggling other people's busy schedules - think about making your "studio" portable and meeting them on their turf
  • skill & time to edit the content
  • skill & time to mix the content
    • learn by doing - google is your best friend!
  • upload to hosting site (including tags & categorization)
    • this can be tricky at first - just follow your hosting site's instructions carefully and you'll be fine
  • testing the upload
    • be sure to sync with itunes, stitcher, & google play at minimum
  • connecting to your audience


i'm happy to share tips and answer questions:


I'm also happy to share my equipment, skills, and experience if you'd rather not re-invent this process.

THIS ALLOWS YOU TO focus on your content and finished product.

how much is your time worth?