Episode 1: The Engagement Menace

Well it’s finally here, the first episode of Dave And Greg! I was extremely excited to watch it, not only to finally have it out in the world but I also had no earthly fucking clue what Rings, Engagements, and Man-Boys was about. Not because I had a, “who gives a shit, that things done” kind of attitude, it has been so long that I sincerely forgot what we shot that day. It also doesn’t help my THC and hops riddled brain that we shot completely out of order. In many cases we filmed scenes from two or three different episodes in one day. So much of it melded together.

Now I know I could have rifled through my desk and dug out the script for this episode. But where’s the fun in that? I figured, “what the fuck, why not go into the first episode completely oblivious? You only have to live tweet it tomorrow night.”

Yeah, that’s something I do. I’m still not sure if anyone’s paying attention, or I’m just being lost in the Twitterverse like everyone else. Maybe if I added more clickbait to my tweets? I don’t know, it’s just a thought. Anyway, as each show goes up I live tweet it at 9pm EST that day. It’s like watching the show with me, but luckily for both of us we don’t have to share the same physical space. Just follow me on Twitter and join in for upcoming episodes. 

Okay, back to what my intention was for this post. Episode 1: Rings, Engagements, and Man-Boys fleshes out what we were shown in the pilot, and does it really well for clocking in at just over 10 minutes. We’re also introduced to Maria Graham as Allison (Greg’s girlfriend), and Alex Bowman as Lazy Pete. It’s fun for me to watch this world come together based on what we were given as actors.

That’s about all I can, and want to say about it. I just want you to watch it. The guys at Men With Kilts Films have offered two ways to see it. You can watch it in SD on YouTube right here. 

Or if you’re a real stickler and want to see it in full HD, or maybe you’re fan and want to just support through show. You can get Dave And Greg in 1080p for a buck or so.