I'm Pretty Excited For Recording The Podcast This Week


I know the title is a little deceiving as I really love every interview I get for my Comedy of Creating Podcast. Podcasting is something I've wanted to do for a number of years, I want to say 4 maybe 5 years, or whenever Marc Maron, Kevin Smith, Joe Rogan, and Adam Corolla started providing content in this format. I fell in love instantly with the freedom of the idea of the podcast and how much different it was than radio. I know a lot of you are thinking that it's pretty much the same as a "talk radio" interview. I'm here to tell you it's not. I had a radio show for a couple of years here on 94.9 CHRW, our university radio station. It was a great time, I really enjoyed every show I did, it was an overnight and I'm telling four and a half hours from 2 am until 6:30 am was probably the best slot I could ask for. As long as I followed CRTC regulations, my co-host and I could pretty much do what we wanted. However, comparing that to the freedom of a podcast it's not even in the same league.

Upcoming guests

I know I'm kind of letting the cat out of the bag, but for those of you who listened to Episode 5 of the podcast you know I mentioned I had some fun and interesting guests coming up. Well I want to announce the first two of a slew more that I'm in contact with.

First up will be my dear friend Owen MacKinder. Owen is the keyboardist for The Birthday Massacre, and is  also the writer behind the popular web comic Disappointing Monsters. Owen's a great friend and one of the most entertaining people I know. As much as he loves music and writing, he's also a HUGE comedy nerd. So expect a few fun stories about life on the road as a touring band, his concepts when writing his comic, and a long discussion about our favorite comedians.

The second, and this makes my little nerd hear swell is pro-wrestler Cody Deaner! Some of you may know Cody from his stint with O.D.B. in TNA, but since leaving that promotion he's been making a living wrestling on the indies. He's got some great stories, and he will definitely shatter any preconceptions you may have of what a professional wrestler is like.

Keeping it short today

So I want to thank those who have been listening, and if you haven't searched iTunes we're located there, or subscribe directly from The Comedy of Creating Podcast home page. If you have subscribed, tell a friend and give us a rating. I would love to see the podcast make the top 50 on iTunes (see I'm not greedy, just realistic).