Hashtag Dave And Greg

DaveAndGregOnSetGuys Okay... What the hell just happened in my life?! Now I don't want to come off ungrateful, or spite filled, or even big headed. I'm just confused... You know, the confusion that comes with everything in your life going incredibly well and now you're waiting for the other shoe to drop? I'm not going to let that happen, I'm just reflecting on it.

I'm pretty sure if I leave the house before tomorrow night, I'm probably going to be hit by a bus. That's how well things are going. See I'm still trying to be optimistic, there's just a part of me baffled by it. Baffled in the way your life can go from what seems as complete and utter shit, to everything you've been working towards both directly, and indirectly starts to pay off.

How I met the boys

When I first sent in my headshot and resume to the ad for this webseries I wasn't expecting much. Even having an agent, who really hasn't done all that much for me, I still find myself sending out my own material for indie productions that she tends to overlook. That's not a bash against her, but she makes her money off of me making money on a commercial or show. It's business. I get it.

As I read the ad, which was extremely professional, and had all the information about the project and characters that you find in a major studio's call for talent. With my experience I immediately felt that although this is a low-no budget project this people involved were serious and had the passion to make this show happen regardless of money, logistics, and time. I am happy to say, I was right.

I received an email back from Men With Kilts Films with the sides (for those who don't know "sides" are, these are the scenes that will be used for the audition, and later so you know what scenes from what episodes you will be filming that day), as well as the script for the pilot episode.

After reading through all this material a few times, I gravitated towards two characters: Dave and Lazy Pete. To be honest I was initially much more interested in the Lazy Pete character. Lazy Pete is a drug dealer who is in one scene in the first episode, and one scene in the last episode (at least that's all that was on the page). At heart I am a writer, comic, and filmmaker the acting thing I enjoy, but I kind of fell into it over the last few years. So I always assume there's a better fit for the role of Dave or any lead/titular character than me. I just wanted on this show, even if it was a small role. Dave And Greg is dark, twisted, and utterly hilarious! The sensibility and tone is right up my alley.

Hashtag Dave And Greg

From my side of things I thought the audition went well. I've been on both sides of that table more times than I care to think about. The audition process can be daunting for everyone involved, and it's taken me a long time to realize that just because you're not right for the part, or don't get it, doesn't mean you're a terrible actor or they don't like you. It's what's best for the story. I chatted with Jay and Allister after reading for both Dave and Greg, as well as Lazy Pete. We laughed, discussed their goals for the show and where they wanted to take it. I walked out, happy I did a good job and then let it go and recorded two podcasts for the rest of the afternoon.

Two days later I got an email from both Allister and Jay offering me the role of Dave. I will be honest and did really freak out for a moment. I love the script, the characters, the sense of humor and above all else the relaxed and professional energy that came off of these guys. That energy has permeated the set for every day of shooting we've had in the last week.

 Shooting the pilot and campaigns

My co-star Mike (who obviously plays Greg) met initially via Skype. He lives in Kitchener which is about 45 minutes to an hour away, so a few days before we began principle photography on the Pilot episode, as well as the crowd funding campaign videos, we ran lines via Skype and got to know one another that way. When we arrived on set we were familiar enough with one another that we could "pass" as friends. But as the days got longer, and the more takes and ideas that were tossed around a quick and strong bond began to develop.

Dave And Greg Coming

I can't speak for everyone else, but I feel Mike and I truly do embody those characters and our friendship in real life will translate very well on-screen. We wrapped the pilot and the campaign videos (one for indiegogo the other for kickstarter I'll add more on that later) in just four days. Three of those days was Mike and myself, the fourth was only me shooting pick up and one technically tough scene where Dave is on the phone and is walking around his apartment. The logistics seemed easy on paper, but by hour 5 we were all getting a little testy. We managed to get it all in the can by 8 pm Monday night and now the editing has begun.

Stay tuned for updates

We resume shooting next Thursday and Friday here in London at a number of locations, and like every series production not at all in sequence. Currently I'm working on lines for Episodes 1 and 4, to give you an example. There are also a few roles left to fill for the rest of the season of Dave And Greg, Men With Kilts Films released this on Thursday afternoon, if you read through there are character breakdowns and what they are looking for. So if you want to be part of a great show definitely contact them!

And do me and all of us a solid and check out the #DaveAndGreg on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (or just click those links I added. Saves time). All of us working on the show, including Dave and Greg themselves will be posting photos, videos, behind the scenes stories and updates throughout the duration of the series. So when you search #DaveAndGreg make sure to add all of us who are posting, it's going to definitely make you laugh and will keep you updated on the progress of the series!