A New Day, A New Podcast, And A New Gig


What a difference a few weeks makes... For those concerned, and really I'm sure that's not many of you I'm alright and living way out in the west end of London. In an area called Whitehills (for those few readers who aren't familiar with my hometown). It's quiet out here, I do miss the hustle and bustle of living downtown and after a few shows I've had to walk back here due to missing my bus, but it's summer and having lived in Toronto a 45 minute walk really isn't that far. CoCPodcastLogoI'm sure most of you know I have recently started a podcast! I picked up this really sexy recorder, the Zoom H4n and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Every interview has been great so far, very little editing required and the guests have all really seemed to enjoy it. It's being released every Monday so head over to iTunes and look for The Comedy of Creating Podcast with Matthew MacCallum give it a listen. If you like it please subscribe (it costs you nothing), and rate and review if you can. I'm really trying to get higher up in the rankings and I can't do that without you guys. The response has been pretty incredible too! Over 96 listens in the first 24 hours, I know it's not a lot but still the support is pretty cool!

Taking a break... For awhile

Now onto something that those of you who follow my Facebook fan page, or my Twitter, probably already know last night my stand-up set at Scot's Corner will be my last for a few months. That's not because there was a group of 10 people right up front who were fresh from a funeral (note to self: if there is a funeral party in the room do not tell the seals raping penguins bit, regardless of how strong or true it is). I was truly sorry for their loss, and actually apologized cause I had no idea what they were dealing with. Not that I would've changed my set at all, I just may have done the bits in a different order. I'm sorry the seal rape bit is really funny.

No the reason I'm taking a break from stand-up for a bit is because of a wonderful opportunity I have been given. I will be starring in a new web-series written and produced by the guys at Men With Kilts Films. The show is titled Dave and Greg, and I have been cast in the titular role of Dave. I'm extremely excited to work with these guys, and the scripts are fantastic! It's a dark comedy, and I don't want to give too much away because the tone and the direction the show takes is so funny, fresh and original you are just going to have to watch it.

How I took the news when I got it

It's funny, I go out on a lot of auditions. Too many if you ask me. It's always stressful, but you usually get to meet some really awesome people. I've been on both sides of casting, so I know how the process works. It's tough for the director, the actors, even that poor intern running the camera hates the entire process. But it's a necessary evil.

I tend not to get too tied up in what happens after I leave an audition. I took advice from an interview I heard Bryan Cranston do where he said, "when I'm done an audition, I take the sides that were given me and throw them away. After that I completely forget about everything that happened in that room. So when my agent called and told me I had gotten Breaking Bad, I sincerely had to ask her what show that was because I couldn't remember."

It's great advice, and I encourage anyone who's an actor to do the same. It's really fucking liberating.

So that's what I did after the Dave and Greg audition. I honestly was expecting to get a call back, but for a much smaller role that had really intrigued me in the sides they sent. But when I arrived they had me audition for both leads, as well as this smaller role. Jay and Allister were great, really up beat and even gave me a little direction to see how I could bring out exactly what they needed. We shook hands, I left and went to record another podcast.

Then two nights ago (June 3, 2015), I had recorded two podcast interviews that day, and hadn't had my phone on. I headed over to the APK Live for the SOL Comedy Night. As I was standing at the bar, pouring over my notebook and finalizing my set I thought, "oh shit I haven't checked my email."

I pull my phone out and 15 minutes before I had to take the stage I read Allister's wonderful email, that informed me that he and Jay discussed it for two days and felt I was the only one who had the "comedic timing and personality to pull off the character of Dave."

I was blown away! I don't really remember my set that night, and in my excitement I had forgotten to record it. But from what everyone told me it was one of my best in the last few months.