I'm Not Late To This Party, I'm Fashionably Tardy

Yeah, so what... I'm one of "those people." I started a blog.

To be fair, and of course stroke my ego with my nerd street cred, this is my second blog. For some reason I feel I need to explain that, I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because the things that I used to get stuffed in lockers and trash cans for loving is now cool, and some part of me has to throw down the gauntlet and proclaim, "I was here first!" Or, and this is more likely, it's a way to constantly remind myself to keep this one going.  If you're interested, you can go back and read my film blogs, which were really set up as small production diaries for the stuff I was making at the time. I just want to assure you that this time around I'm keeping up with this.

I also wanted to say thanks for at least making the effort to read this first post. I thought about it and realistically there's only three reasons you made it to this site: #1 You're a friend. #2 You're a fan. or #3 You're drunk, up late, and you possibly confused my name with a male porn star. Whichever it is, it doesn't matter. Thanks again!

Now some of you may be wondering why when I'm already performing stand-up, working on a feature screenplay, and occasionally acting. Hell I even work as a freelance web content writer for my day job! Ghostwriting other people's blog's for fucksakes! So why devote extra time to do my own blog as well?  It's because regardless of how much writing for an upcoming project, pitch, or presentation I'm constantly writing for myself.

Now not all of this written material can end up in a film, or be work shopped into my act, but they're still good stories and concepts. Sure some of it isn't polished; and there's a daunting pile of napkins, random envelopes, stationary, and receipts to go through. But I'll be honest a lot of it is polished and I need to focus on that and share it because at the end of the day I really just consider myself a storyteller. I know that sounds lame, and cheesy but no matter what medium I'm working in all I'm attempting to do is share a story with you and entertain you.

So that's really my only goal with this blog. Once a week take a break and I'll have something to share. It may not always be funny, it may not always be insightful, but it will be honest and entertaining.

Speaking of honest and entertaining... Before I go I'm sharing this audio with you. I was cleaning out the voice memos on my iPhone and stumbled across a set I performed at The Roxbury during Bad Idea Comedy's monthy stand-up contest. Now I didn't win, but that's not the point of this audio clip.

As a comic sometimes you bomb... Actually the majority of the time you bomb. Occasionally when this happens to me I've started to revel in the uncomfortable silence. It's started to become funny to me. Also, this is the first and only time I've performed this ISIS bit, I still think it's funny and valid. Apparently this crowd doesn't.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O22tB67AnnA&w=420&h=315]